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A 12-ton helping hand

Our "push truck" helps vehicles struggling or stopped on Snoqualmie Pass – which helps keep everyone movingBy Barbara LaBoe

Sometimes you simply desire a bit of additional nudge to get moving. It could be a determine rousting a baby out of bed within the morning, or the buddy who reminds you to now not stop on an vital long run aim like going once more to faculty or discovering a brand new career.

Or, within the case of our push truck on I-90 Snoqualmie Pass, it is a literal heavy-duty support – as in a 12-ton car pushing your car to help you regain traction or get you out of the road of traffic.

We created the frenzy truck in dwelling to meet a necessity crews stored seeing at the stream – automobiles both disabled or now not able to regain traction and therefore blocking visitors or even forcing stream closures. The push truck, which debuted in November, is designed to help quick clean roadways, both by pushing disabled automobiles off to the shoulder or giving a struggli…

Helping fish cross the road is the right thing to do for everyone

By Ann Briggs

For nearly three decades, a most vital attempt to enhance transportation and the environment has taken area throughout Washington state, and this attempt is growing. An vital beneficiary of this work doesn’t drive, stroll or experience – it swims.

Have you guessed it? We’re speaking about removal limitations to fish so they will swim upstream to spawn and entry habitat for his or her young. The effects of this work will finally advantage all people – by modifying our herbal resources; economically by way of commercial, recreational and activities activities fishing, as properly as culturally. We collaborate with others to provide higher effects and boom the investments in barrier corrections to extra absolutely open habitat.

A big job, but the right thing to do
Statewide, approximately 2,000 culverts underneath state highways are boundaries to fish passage. Many of those culverts have been put in many years ago earlier than we understood the swimming and leaping talents o…