New pavement, sidewalks and culverts, oh my!

By Frances Fedoriska

Forget yellow bricks! This spring, tourists on Mt. Baker Highway (State Route 542) in Whatcom County will comply with the freshly-paved street as contractor crews start running on NULL  tasks to rehabilitate nearly 20 miles of highway.

Resurfacing does not take a wizard

We did not should go to a wizard to make this work happen, we simply needed to turn to contractor crews! In May, staff from Doolittle Construction will start resurfacing SR 542 from Britton Road at the east a a part of Bellingham to Markel Road in Kendall. This 18-mile part is a a part of a increased multi-county venture conserving extra than 35 miles on 4 other highways.
We'll get you...pretty! Resurfacing SR 542 takes multiple phases: repairing the pavement, filling cracks, putting down asphalt, putting down a new thin layer of rock surface, fog seal and finally stripe.

Contractor crews will work at evening time for the primary few levels of the project. Then in July or August, they may lay down the brand new oily floor and beaten rock and use the warmth of our hot summer time days to assist it stick with the roadway.

No flying monkeys, but nonetheless a few delays

Flying monkeys and apple-throwing timber delayed the experience to Oz and whereas there will not be something fairly as treacherous this summer, a few disruption have to be expected. During the July/August daytime work, count on delays of as much as 45 minutes. As crews work, a pilot automobile will trade visitors by means of a single open lane.

As always, hear and sluggish down close to work zones to maintain everybody safe.

We'll repair you my highway, and your little culvert too!

The moment SR 542 challenge begins June 3. Contractor crews with Granite Construction will take away and update the asphalt on all lanes of SR 542 (East Sunset Drive) among I-5 and Britton Road. Rehabbing the street allows shop away from pricey maintenance later.

They will even take away and enhance a culvert close to Dewey Road, increase pedestrian cut back ramps and, in partnership with the metropolis of Bellingham, upload a sidewalk subsequent to Applebee's south side.
Left: This failing culvert in Bellingham will be upsized to improve drainage capacity. Right: No yellow bricks here. Contractor crews will use concrete, yellow detectable warning surfaces and other items to improve some
pedestrian crossings along East Sunset Drive.

We'd like to welcome you to be prepared
During this construction, of us who journey on SR 542 among I-5 and Britton Road will experience:

Nighttime lane closures, lane shifts and I-5 ramp closures.
Nighttime flagger-controlled intersections.
Sections of rough, ground-down street throughout daytime travel.
Detours for non-motorized customers comparable to pedestrians and bicyclists.
These NULL tasks would possibly no longer occur as speedy as tapping your heels collectively three times, but they're equally scheduled to wrap up this fall.

If I basically had a heads up

Updated schedules can even additionally just be posted weekly at the construction replace page. Progress studies can even additionally just be despatched out Thursdays by means of the Whatcom County construction listserv.


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